Bloomberg New Contemporaries Gallery; My favorite pieces.

So with university this week we have gone to the new contemporaries gallery event I was quite happy to be going. I haven’t been to a gallery since the beginning of the second year and was pumped to start getting back into the swing of things. I wasn’t disappointed at all its a fantastic event that had me entertained for hours. It was refreshing to see so much video media on display I don’t think that I have ever been to an event with that much. It just shows how much the fine art industry is growing and adapting. Also before I get start I haven’t talked to the artists and so have no idea what the real meaning of what this art means, I will only voice my opinion on the art that I see. It will be wrong and I am by no means a professional at the moment. So enough of my waffling time to look at the art and first up is Adam Wallace:

Adam Wallace “untitled”

Adam Wallace “Transfat”

Adam Wallace “Mother”
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallac ‘Feed me’

This is my kind of art work the passion of the subject matter shows through the strong and bold brush strokes and the subject matter hits you like a train. The grotesque and misshaped images speak of a misshaped world dominated by the large corporations and greed of the world and the 1% that are bloated with corruption. The images are hard to look at but in doing so make the act of looking ever more important and so show that the truth is hard to look at in the real world of which these images depict.

Reynard with a vengeance
Matt Copson “Reynard with a vengeance”

Next up is Matt Copson’s “Reynard with a vengeance” This was my favourite piece of the show. It was funny and powerful at the same time while keeping the tone and the original message. I sat and watched this about 5-6 times the voice was hypnotic an engaging the subject fun and interesting to listen to. The idea was original and engaging. I just cant say enough good things about this piece of work.

This is an exhibition worth seeing!

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